This site is dedicated to the work of Warren Woodward. Little is know about him - the only information comes from the tags on the back of his works of art:

                Warren Woodward, Australian born artist, is well known
                for his colorful OILS and SERIGRAPHS which are represented
                in many galleries and private collections throughout
                the United States.

                His SERIGRAPHS are original works of art and are
                conceived and executed by him.

                SERIGRAPHS are created with screens of finely woven silk
                stretched on rigid frames hinged to a board. Like etchings,
                litographs, or wood blocks, which require a seperate
                plate, stone or block for each color printed, every
                serigraph color is laid down with its own screen. After
                processing, the screen forms a type of stencil, and then
                the paint is forced through the clear parts of the silk
                onto the cavass, or other materials, by a rubber squeege.

                The finished product is artistically beautiful because
                the entire process is HANDCRAFTED.

                Glenn-Wood Arts
                Culver City, Calif. 90230

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